Wooper Mail - Open

Hi!! Wooper Mail is a way for you to share your appreciation for an artist by choosing a piece of art you've seen made by a smogon artist and submitting them in a form along with some nice words to the creator.

You can fill in the form with up to 3 artists of your choice, along with a link to any work of theirs you liked and some nice words you'd want to send their way.
You can go in as much detail or be as brief as you like, just let them know what you loved about the art you picked.

The form will remain open until Smeargle's Secret Santa wraps up, which is gonna be around the end of the year, so you have plenty of time! (I'll send out a proper end date sometime later) Once the form closes, the artists will receive the kind messages they've gotten through a smogon private conversation.

Please double check that your links work before sending, and don't be stupid and try to be rude/inappropriate with your messages because everything will get reviewed before going through.

That's all! I hope you choose to take your time at some point and send something in the mail. :toast:

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Hello, hello! Happy to announce a couple of things:

  • All sent in mail up to this point has been delivered! Thank you to the folks who sent in letters, and I hope those who received said letters enjoyed the kind notes! You all help make Smeargle's a more welcoming atmosphere for everyone :heart:
  • We're aware the op states that the mail will close after Smeargle's Secret Santa, but I'd like to state that Wooper Mail will remain open until further notice! Thank you again to those who decide to send in some mail! n.n Take care, all!

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